Check this list to see what is offered by each Spinning Babies product:

Childbirth Education

Spinning Babies does not offer its own childbirth education with stages of labor, how it all works, comfort measures, normal birth and complications, doula care and hospital routines and interventions.

We do recommend and participate in Debra Pascali-Bonaro’s Pain to Power Online Childbirth Education at

Spinning Babies Parent Class is more advanced and will make more sense after a basic childbirth class. Parent Class does not have the exercise sessions (stretches) that Daily Essentials has, but does show how to do a couple of the daily exercises. Both talk about maternal position, but Daily Essentials shows more and more prettily.

PC shows you a normally progressing labor and one that needs gentle activities to keep it going and how to do them at 4 times in labor when cesareans are done too frequently in the USA.


Fetal Position

Belly Mapping Workbook has 48 pages and 100 illustrations. It shows how to tell your baby’s position and gives tips to be accurate. There are a few pages on what to do in labor and two illustrated ages on helping a breech baby flip head down.


What to do when

Parent Class is for parents what Spinning Babies Workshop is for providers. Heady but practical. Myofascial releases and tips for labor stalls. A labor and delivery nurse or midwife will learn things she will use immediately and yet this is set up for parents. Take notes, drink tea, this is a learning experience.



Daily Essentials – use it from 15 or 20 weeks. How often? How about daily! Takes a half an hour a day, plus a few minutes throughout the day to keep limber. Educates on movement and resting smart, also. Yummy!!