Try this food…. you’ll like it!
Listen to this electronic brain-wave music…. it’ll boost your productivity!
Let’s visit my college friend, you’ll have fun…

Does trying something new seem risky?

The activities on Spinning Babies can seem novel and strange for many people.
How do we know if something new is beneficial?

Choosing to try a technique from Spinning Babies

  1. Make sure you understand the correct way to do a technique: The way you do your technique is safe.
  2. You don’t have a contraindication to the technique: You are medically safe to do the technique.
  3. Match the right technique to your comfort or labor progress goal: Your choice reaches your goals.

Spinning Babies has chosen key techniques from birth traditions and body work brilliance to offer specific results in some cases and general improvement in range of motion and comfort over all.

The when to do what is found on within the articles discussing the general topics of pregnancy and the specific topics on the childbirth process.

Here’s one woman’s story of moving past her initial hesitation to respond to a physical need for increasing comfort. She writes to Connie, her doula. They live in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Connie! I’ve been kinda lazy about those three Spinning Babies exercises 😔 – I’m just never in the mood to do a headstand [She means forward leaning inversion, which is not a head stand (LOL) but is an inversion and so produces a different effect and uses different muscles, and this one, doesn’t activate the core]….. BUT I was having really bad round ligament pain all weekend – like could barely walk, was dragging my right leg behind me, needed help getting out of bed, etc. – it felt like it was on both sides but actually I think it was mostly right side – anyway, it seemed like the [Forward Leaning Inversion] might help so we tried it and it was a miracle! I only did it for 30 seconds and it made everything so much better – I could walk normally again for the first time since Friday! Anyway, just wanted to tell you my Spinning Babies success story – now I’m extra motivated to keep doing that one, and hopefully the others, too – we also did the Rebozo Sifting and I think that might’ve helped as well

Connie is a coronary nurse and doula. Read more about her journey and services at

 Best technique is easy on the stairs. The neck hangs loose. The head is gently flexed. But it is in coming up that the technique is completed. Rise up to a high kneeling position. Have help the first few times, as your body will adjust to blood movement and the sense of your position from your middle ear.  Be safe. Read the instructions to find out if you can be safe to try this; ask your medical provider if there is any medical reason you couldn’t go upside down (high blood pressure, for instance).

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