Three thank yous came my way to day. And I would first like to pass them on to the sources from which the information came to me; first God, then my midwifery and doula community, and then to the body work community.
Here is the emailed thanks,

Thank you for getting back to me. I went to the Dr, this morning and the baby is head down and “snug”. Apparently, the few things I’ve done from the list of suggestions on worked!!! Thanks again for answering my questions.


She is generous. I also got two phone calls.
One from a doula still floating from attending her first birth. She noted how the mother met the emotional landmarks we talked about in class. When the dad suggested some pain medication the Nurse-Midwife told the parents which drugs were available to them. The mom didn’t seem to answer. The doula thought she might be hesitating and so after a polite pause she said, or, you could try a bath or a walk and see how you feel about medication in 20 or 30 minutes. Well, you know how the bath often works. They were having a baby before any more talk about medications came up again. Its not that the doula’s job is to avoid the meds. but it is her job to perceive the mother’s needs and offer suggestions that might fit the mother’s preferences.

There was another exciting call. A local midwife who attended my Resolving Shoulder Dystocia class last year called. She had a heartening story to share with me. The midwife with her had also taken my class, and after rotating the baby out safely she said they looked at eachother for a second and both said, “Gail!” I had to laugh, half in delight and half a bit embarrassed. But I am so glad the simple steps of FlipFLOP came back to the midwives when they needed it.

When this midwife expressed surprised that I seemed surprised the steps worked I told her everytime I hear how these techniques work for another person it is like looking up and seeing a brilliant rainbow that I didn’t expect to see. Its awe inspiring. Such a mystery. Something much greater than anything I could come up with it.

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