Yesterday, Deb McLaughlin came down from Duluth for a craniosacral meeting and stopped by my house for a lovely afternoon lunch and walk to the Minnesota River. (Yes, I know it was an icicle’s width above zero. We were bundled and warmed by friendship.)

Deb then did some craniosacral with me and then some reconnective therapy. I didn’t know that was what it was she called what she had done with me a couple times before. Very significant times in overcoming issues, the baggage of living.

My wonderful friend and chiropractor, Mary Grom, has been working on me lately, too.

Trust has often been an issue of mine. Feeling separate even with people who like me. Whether that sense of separation is an effect of having been molested as a child, or an effect of being an outsider, in terms of social background, let’s call it, among the children I played with throughout childhood. Whatever, its not so much why, as it has been that disconnect that is too often the case with people.

So lying on my back on this padded table that Deb brought, She worked on the fascia of my head for a couple of blissful moments. Then, she did a very brief thing. She touched my heart. Literally. She called it, I think, a heart reconnection. It is something that is useful for people who have had a shock or are in grief. It felt like gently landing back in my body.

I felt beyond my body, though centered in my body. Weird talk, huh? And this feeling of pure trust was just there. And I thought, this is new. Yet…Why is this recently familiar?
And then,
I remembered.

Meaghann needed care so completely as she lost control to the brain tumor. She had around her women that she chose. She had her dad. Once fiercely independent, she now had to allow others to do everything she ever did for herself. After her initial discomfort, there was a period of wry humor, and then, she got to a place of simple grace and trust. And that is where I felt this feeling before. Meaghann showed it to me. She emanated it once she got spiritually and emotionally free in her vulnerability.

Thank you, Meaghann. Thank you, Deb. You didn’t meet each other but you are certainly working together now. With me, and with the Birthing Ways’ Meaghann Tully Scholarship Fund for Native Doulas.

“Magic is afoot. God is Alive.”

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