There are four mutually supportive “Body Balance” techniques that a pregnant woman and her trusted support person or provider can do to prepare for a gentler birth. In the new Spinning Babies’ Parent Class each technique is thoroughly demonstrated with a pregnant woman and her support person.

Here is the Fantastic Four:

Very gentle but rapid jiggling of the abdominal and pelvic muscles helps to relax the smooth muscles of the ligaments and connective tissues supporting the womb.

Rebozo “sifting” helps make room for a good starting position for baby to begin labor. This vibration like jiggle also helps the receiver of this gift get into a relaxed state that is conducive to peace and spontaneous onset of labor. Read more about how to lift and sift at the same time.

A daily forward leaning inversion helps make room in the lower uterus to welcome the crown of baby’s head.

Get help to get into position the first few times so not to lose balance.

Hold the position for only 30 seconds. Or, simply take three relaxing breaths to fill the belly and sigh out.

Gently stretch the pelvis and spine to release tension as your body guides you.

Add the Sidelying release to “balance” the length and “strength” of the pelvic floor. The sidelying release is much more than simply laying on one’s side with the leg hanging off the bed, couch, or table! Be precise, see the instructions! 

The helper holds the top hip directly over the bottom hip. The helper presses the top hip straight down into the bottom hip (not too strongly) so that pelvic muscles relax. Leg muscles stretch. Comfort is achieved and the pelvic floor becomes more navigable to the baby’s head. Repeat a few times a week and do every 6-10 hours, as needed, in labor for comfort or to support labor progress.



The Standing Release is also helpful for sacral mobility and so, labor start and progress in harmony with nature.

Standing Sacral Release, the proper name, comes from Dr. Carol Phillips, DC, and is a variation of the diaphragmatic release common in myofascial therapy.

Benefits which may be experienced:

  • Very nice after a long car ride.
  • May reduce premature contractions that are due to pelvic instability (Is this happening to you? See a midwife or doctor immediately upon 5 contractions in one hour before 37 weeks gestation. Drink a gallon of water while you get to the hospital to be seen for premature labor!)
  • Reduces chance of breech presentation
  • Reduces chance of posterior presentation.
  • Supports comfort in the pelvic girdle (the joints of the pelvis) especially when used with pelvic stabilizing exercises.

These four activities are so fantastic and support the benefits of one another.
The Fantastic Four will support your comfort in pregnancy. The Fantastic Four will also help an induction go better and easier, since a good head position helps all birth, not just spontaneous birth.

Walking with a full stride is crucial and will help control blood sugars while helping to lengthen the psoas muscles to balance the pelvis. Let’s  emphasize the power of a daily, brisk and free-strided walk!

Another powerful preparation for birth is to squat. Two types flex the sacrum well.


  • Squatting with the back flat against the wall (posterior pelvic tilt), and
  • Squatting with the bottom flared out while pulling on door handles (the door is open, in an anterior pelvic tilt).

Find the way to peace in the heart. To do this, breathe deeply in and out in a way that expands the belly and fills the full lungs. Release fear and worry and replace with love and a surety that your love to your baby is more important than events will help you navigate the conversations to bring about your best support possible.  This helps you let go of the outcomes and be one with your intent.

Daily exercise is essential!
See the downloadable video of gentle but specific exercise activities on my site. The Daily Essentials Video is excellent for those who dislike exercise as well as those who love it!

Prepare for spontaneous birth and yet, be able to identify a labor that needs help to release tight muscles to return to the spontaneous progress you desire for the birth of your beautiful intent.
The Spinning Babies: Parent Class shows the Fantastic Four in detail. The segment on labor is geared to help avoid a section in labor incase of labor stalls.


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The Fantastic Four - There are four mutually supportive "Body Balance" techniques that a pregnant woman and her trusted support person or provider can do to prepare for a gentler birth. Spinning Babies