Love and vision brought it all together, though it was tough at the end.
Such a birth helped the family go deep into where they were really at, and look at beliefs and see if the beliefs were assumptions and not really the fiber of their lives
in an era
when the hospital culture is permeating even them.

They had to ask, what is the culture of homebirth and the mystery and the walk? And am I there, or am I not? Is it really ok to be there or am I wrong?
and what is the box I long for anyway?
and its rules
and the schedule that trims your life and your passion for a safety that isn’t even safe?

Will we trade one hard walk, when others look down on it, when we ourselves are lifted up by it?
Will we take on the safe road? The trauma there, though hidden, is absolute.
We have to surrender the praise of the passive
and find the birthing within

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