When I was nursing my youngest, now 19, three of us breastfeeding mothers would trade off with our babies and toddlers for two hours of free time each week. Occasionally during that short time, if one of my friend’s babies was hungry I’d nurse them. They would do the same for my baby. Breastfeeding is a normal way to nurture a crying baby.

That’s a drop in the ocean of compassion that Salma Hayek showed a hungry baby on her tour of Sierra Leone. She grew up hearing the story that her Great Grandmother had nursed a starving baby in Mexico. What would be more natural?

And Salma, its not addiction, its oxytocin. Continuing to breastfeed past the first year of life is not comparable to alcholism…though she may have made that comparison in jest. Why, its simply motherhood.

I’m voting Salma for the most beautiful mother in the motion picture world.

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