Teaching Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Classes

How do I deliver the Parent Class and Daily Essentials Video streaming/download to my clients?
Go to the Spinning Babies® Shop, and click on the Gift Card.
Choose the dollar amount that corresponds to the individual cost of the video you wish to purchase. Choose the number of videos you wish to purchase.Write your email address in the “To” line to send the gift card to yourself and complete your purchase. When clients book an Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class with you, you can forward them the gift card. Please note that each GIFT CARD has a unique number and can only be used ONCE. Make sure you carefully track your purchased gift card codes.


40% Discount Code for 1-9 Copies: CPE40PCDD
60% Discount Code for 10+ Copies:  CPEBulkPCDD

(note this video is optional not required)

40% Discount Code for 1-9 Copies: CPE40DEDD
60% Discount Code for 10+ Copies:  CPEBulkDEDD

You can then send the gift card to each of your students after they register and pay for your Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class.  

Please note that these discounted prices are only for you as our trusted SpBCPE’s. 


How do parents access the Spinning Babies® Parent Class materials?
This remains the same as for your regular classes- the instructions for this are in Module 2 #9 for provisional SpBCPE’s and Module 3 #9 for Certified SpBCPE.  

You enter their email in the link provided. 


Why is this step important?
Your students will get access to the eBook and handouts through the Spinning Babies® Community Site. This link is also associated with your personal affiliate link – so you will get 30% of any of your students future purchases from SpinningBabies.com. This is true for both digital and hard copy products.


Can I teach the full Spinning Babies® Parent Class online?
No. You can, however, supplement the Parent Class video with your own follow-up meeting after your students watch the video. Some SpBCPE’s may also choose to do a pre-video meeting with their clients to orient them to what to expect and how you will work with them after they have watched the video. 

Your training and license are not designed for online teaching. The Parent Educator license is our mutual agreement for your in-person presentation of copyrighted, intellectual material.  Having parents view the Spinning Babies® Parent Class video assures consistency across the world.


Can I use the Parent Educator slideshow during my online follow session?
Yes! Please feel free to use your props and/or the slideshow to support your parents as you answer their questions and support them in their understanding and confidence in preparation for birth.

We have also created a blue and a white zoom background you can use if you wish (works best using a green screen). Open the links above, right click on the image, and “save as” to download the png image to your computer. Instructions on how to use a background on zoom can be read here.  


What can I charge?
You are free to establish your own pricing. Keep in mind the value of what you are offering: the Parent Class video has a value of $26.99 USD, plus class materials, and the value of your online session.  Please use the SpBCPE Facebook group to discuss with your fellow CPE’s. 


If I have my provisional status can I become certified using this online offering?
You may use 1 online session (with parent evaluations) as part of your certification if you wish, but you must do at least 2 in-person classes to complete certification. 


I have questions not answered in this FAQ who should I contact?

SpBCPE@spinningbabies.com  reaches Sarah Cava our Customer Support Specialist and she can field most questions for you. This email is tracked through a customer service system, which makes it easy for her to consult with other members of the team if she doesn’t have all the information she needs, and helps us make sure you get a timely response. Please keep in mind that our office is closed in the evening and weekend.

jenniferwalker@spinningbabies.com is the Director of the SpBCPE program and you can email her for questions about content, feedback, and clarifications on the program. You can also send her your social media content (feel free to CC it to our Director of Marketing jennifertremper@spinningbabies.com).