What a storm last night. I was up at 2 30 am writing for my website and thinking of falling over into bed. Then I heard the sirens of the town to the west of us. Soon a rushing sound came from the west. It got louder and closer. Not real fast, slow enough to track it with my comprehension, but faster than a car.
I peered out the front window into the night. The oak branches were blowing wildly in the street light. I heard the rushing wind coming east on 106th street, the gap through the trees.
Lightening was flashing so bright and so fast that I thought my retinas would be harmed by it!
Sudden’y the wind rushed up the hill, past the street light and filled Humboldt with whirling mist, rain and dust. I couldn’t tell if i were seeing the bottom of a funnel cloud or not so I pressed my nose closer to the window,… yeah. Good, no it wasn’t a funnel cloud, but a wall of rain and wind that seemed contained like a movie trick.

Then the wind and rain came into the yard. Not just the wind that was here in the night blowing the trees, this was a wall of wind that hit the house and made the windows rattle and the walls groan. Light hail began rat a tat tating the house.

I got a bit nervous and went upstairs to shut windows and wake VIc. I checked Gairm’s windows and woke him. Niether wanted to go to the basement. Gairm rolled over.

Vic came down stairs and by then, the storm seemed like a regular thunder storm. In 5 minutes it was a rain storm and five minutes after than a sprinkle, then silent.

Gairm’s school was canceled as they have no power. We do, thankfully. Maybe we are on the powerline that goes to the emergency siren a block away. It diden’t go off so Vic went back to bed last night!

What a series of storms going around. Seems like someone has a temper.

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