The Nurse Practitioner Schools data base and blog listed Spinning Babies Blog in the first ten of their 50 Best Blogs for Midwives.

The Nurse Practitioner Schools blog gives a brief description of the many nursing schools around the US. If you are looking for nursing credentials, perhaps to go on to become a Certified Nurse Midwife, their site may be an online starting point.

Other exciting blogs (probably more exciting!) listed were

  • Navelgazing Midwife: This blogger is a professional midwife in San Diego who shares her experiences via her blog.
  • Jan Tritten’s Blog: Found on Midwifery Today, this blog talks about a number of issues that midwives will find interesting.
  • Radical Midwife: This midwifery professional specializes in water and breech birth, but posts on a variety of topics here.

There are 46 more, but if I list them all here, it wouldn’t be fair to the Nurse Practitioner School folks who put up their list. Go check it out,

Come visit the blog. Spinning Babies Blog.