Lamaze International has a highly respected blog, Science and Sensibility, on which Sharon Muza, one spunky Lamaze contributor, has just posted Spinning Babies Blog as one of her six favorite blogs for Childbirth Educators.

Ok, Sharon. I see what you are up to. Intuitively, you somehow perceived me thinking, gosh, I have to attend to my blog more regularly… You knew exactly how to make that happen!

Lamaze; the fetoscope on the birthing world

Why I love Lamaze now more than ever. Its the Science and Sensibility Lamaze has to monitor what is going on in the birthing world (That’s SASS when pluralized). Its Science and Sensibility’s pulse on the birth world. They have a fetoscope on the literature of pregnancy and birth.

The five other blogs Sharon lists me with are tops. Perhaps she put me at the number one spot (“in no particular order”) because little humble me has no PhD. (Rather, my degree is a PheisD —feisty).

My interest is myopic, intuitive, and independent. My aim is to Change Birth on Earth through giving practical ways to ease birth and in so doing ease the seemingly rampant fear of physiological birth!

Whether for parents, providers, doulas or the public, I want to share the perception that mother and baby are perfectly suited to pregnancy and birthing through the pelvis. To bring that about more most women, we seem to have to address baby’s presentation (head position) and lie (body position) so baby fits the pelvis with engagement and the surges of spontaneous labor.

Spinning Babies doesn’t force any baby. Spinning Babies addresses the baby’s needs by addressing the mother’s need for Balance first. When a pregnant woman’s body is balanced, not too tight and not too loose, in alignment and such, the baby seems to swing into position in short order.

My efforts to assist fetal rotation via maternal posture and exercises fall on a spectrum from easy to challenging to restore balance over a large population of women. There is not a single technique that will make this happen for all.

Welcome to the discovery of what this might mean for you as a mother or as a provider. 

Spinning Babies is proud to support the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices. They will make great blog entries someday – soon, right, Sharon, because now I’m one of your six healthy blog practices!
Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices

You can download the Healthy Birth Practices booklet from here.
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