Can you build a business that is a decade old?
2002, Spinning Babies arrived on the internet. Spinning Babies is a childbirth preparation to ease birth through baby’s position in the womb.  I wanted to share this unique approach with expectant parents and their providers around the world, yet I wasn’t aware of the importance of the business aspect of communicating ideas.

Business was a dirty word. Greed must have been the motivation of any business person and profit must be the dripping saliva off the teeth that chewed the unsuspecting mothers and babies unfortunate enough to pass a birth business url. I wanted none of that. Keep any identifiable, formal brand identity as far away from me as possible!

Pass the first decade of Spinning Babies. All around the world, Spinning Babies is improving birth. My mission statement of Changing Birth on Earth is really helping parents and providers around the Earth.
My viewers want more and I want to provide more. I want to say, “Yes!” But to grow, well, I have to grow!

I’m waking to the worth of seeing business as a relationship between myself and my work. To carry the message far and long, I do need a formal structure. Instead of l meeting the needs in the emails of the day, I had to start planning on how to meet the needs for information on fetal positioning for expectant parents around the world and beyond my years.  

For ten years I wanted to be a professional kindergartener- tell stories, draw pictures, and especially go on those field trips. But people are really interested in replication.

Ok, I gotta turn my ideas around. I need to spin a new attitude.

Start with money.  let go of the stigma about being a woman that can handle her money. Really? Where’d I learn that? Time to turn my money life around.   Ruth Hayden, whose classes are transformative… Ruth describes all the societal traps women have fallen into letting others control money so they don’t have to think that they are cold and calculating. Ruth’s got the truth about what it takes to grow up -and secure.

Uh oh. Not only do I have to warm up my money relationship, I gotta fall in love.

Introducing Kate Northrup, She has a great spin on the topic in her Money, A Love Story. Kate’s speaking to young women on the web. She’s part of today’s generation who structures her approach with a brand. Its her way to color her mission statement. Can she give me a good money education? Because, well, she’s young, young enough to be Christiane Northrup’s daughter? Get a new money reality -“because how you do it is what you get.” Grow your gratitude at

But how can I make the change from being in love with creativity to being in love with responsibility? How can I make my business the creative surge I love so much?  Marie Forleo. Business interpreter for Creative types. Make it funny and learn a new way to think about business.   Suggested by my friend Sarah Longacre, whose business of Blooma Yoga I’ve watched blossom from start-up to replication. 

Starting over or starting again is very possible. Newness is within the day.

It’s time to renew. It really is “time!” Phillip Zimbardo gives me the key to the new Spinning Babies in The Time Paradox. Get his 2 minute over view is on Phillip Zimbardo’s TED talk. The talk gets interesting at the marshmallows, so hang in there.  Our time metaphors keep us moving forward- or leaves us stuck in the past. How we see time is how we live our lives. How can I resist the marshmallow and improve my time perspective? Incorporating his Optimal Temporal Mix will definitely improve the reach of Spinning Babies. At least it will stop me eating so many marshmallows.

Jeff Freeman Nelson, World-Class Dad and business owner of Play From Scratch (and in full disclosure, friend!) speaks on Minnesota Public Radio to Kerri Miller, about starting and stumbling and getting the advice to make a successful comeback. Great advice from Kerri’s other guests, too. Jeff’s doing well with “green toys” – made from scratch. I love his discipline of doing art first; developing beautiful products first and keep the joy first. Its a great perspective for growing that Optimal Temporal Mix.

Enjoy these great business and personal growth resources.I gotta go grow my business smarts by doing!

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