“Hey, Gail, this is Maureen,” the message on the phone said.
“I’m just sharing a praise report. We just got the ultrasound back and Emily’s baby’s head is down. And I am giving credit to God and to your hands that He used and your technique to get that head down. Thank you so much for meeting with them. She told me you were able to get some pictures and show her the technique and she did it again this morning. She said she felt a lot of movement last night. . .
Also, we prayed at church.”

I have to pass this praise right along to Carol Phillips, DC for showing me how an inversion can help achieve optimal fetal positioning. Also, Emily saw the chiropractor exactly once with whom she got an adjustment of her pelvic joints and the Webster maneuver to release the round ligaments. The inversion I showed her helped the soft tissues, including the cervical ligaments. Together, these help get the womb symmetrical for the baby to drop down.

Would the baby drop down any way? Would the baby drop down with prayer alone? It may have been. Prayer has been studied by top universities and shown to improve health to a measurable degree. Most babies move head down. My feeling is that when the need for a cesarean can safely be reduced then our responsibility as parents and caregivers is to reduce that chance of surgery.
As far as the techniques being mine, they’re not. I’m simply showing people how to apply the techniques and when. Maureen uses the phrase, “your hands” but she spoke metaphorically. I did not put my hands on this mother’s belly. Maureen had recently palpated (felt) the baby. And Emily knew exactly where her baby was. She showed me and the shape of her belly made it clear also. It is an amazing honor to help facilitate, along with all these other wonderful people in the community, a healthier birth for families. Let’s join Maureen in praising God.

Emily’s baby had been transverse for about a week at 36 weeks gestation. See the earlier post this same date. A transverse lie midway through the last trimester is worrisome and not to be ignored. Fortunately, Emily was willing to do the inversion to help herself and her baby. Hopefully she and Ludvig will share a picture of their sweet baby next month!

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