Among the three Trillium midwives, Clare Welter, Emme Corbeil and myself, we had 4 posterior babies at the beginning of the labors last week. Yes, in one week.
Each of these women took a deep dose of Pulsatilla. I’m not saying which dose, because I’m not prescribing here, I’m describing.

Three of the women took Pulsatilla before labor began, and each began labor soon after, within days. Each dilated fast and each baby emerged OA. Was the quick start after the remedy a coincidence? Was it because of the snow storm? One woman, who was having a planned hospital birth with Emme as support person, took a dose when labor wasn’t picking up after a full day. Her labor then took off and she had the baby quickly.

Now we have another mom in a slow labor. Hard to tell if baby was OA or OP in this particular mom. After a day of SROM, and a few other OP symptoms, we tried the remedy.
I’ll let you know.

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