Agerola is in another world and time far above the tourist speckled Almalfi Coast.

How many of us have ever wanted to be in a time machine to a simpler, kinder kind of life? Exploring Agerola, Italy within the magic of a womens’ retreat offers the kind of time travel any woman would love.

What would your requirements be?  A clean and comfortable bed and a shower, right? Good Italian wine, of course. Homemade, award winning, and abundantly fresh Italian food? Time itself? Time to relax in authenticity?

Would you like, truly? Good conversation in a circle of women with like interests and diverse life experiences? Women who, like you, are also stepping through a gateway to a new phase of life?

Why travel as a tourist? 

This present-time, time-travel gives an intimate exposure to another culture, hand made cheeses made by family cows whose straw was cut by hand and carried in on the back of a donkey? 

Enter the last wood-fire bakery in the area.

Learn Gnocci making from Nonna herself! 

 Feel the love of a large Italian family and the timelessness of a 2-hour lunch under the filtering leaves on the veranda.

Walk through lemon groves into Roman ruins (the age of the ruins is the only reminder you are in 2014) and a temperate forest wonderland that makes you look for the National Geographic photographer. 

  Enjoy crafts passed down through generations and created in front of your eyes? Imagine looking over the exotic slopes to the Mediterranean below. Don’t you love the smell of the sea here? Let’s go swimming in the over-hanging grotto. Float in blue hues that will continue to live in your memory years after you’ve returned…

Yes, I’m just back from such a trip with Debra Pascali-Bonaro. 

We quickly renamed our Almalfi Coast Womens’Retreat with the new name, “Orgasmic Italy,” to recognize Debra’s work raising awareness of the pleasure of birthing. 

Personally, I was quite intimidated before I came. Could I leave a stress-filled life for a week of climatic present-awareness?? Pleasure? That felt really vulnerable. What would be expected of me?

Debra’s activities are all of the highest character. The orgasmic aspects are all about the pleasure of good company, healthy food and exploring the local culture. Whew. No junior high double dares. Just open and honest conversation. We could say what we wanted and get full support. No judgement, no agenda. Just welcome and trust. 

I felt it had to do with the natural good intention of our group and the high oxytocin connected with pleasurable travel. But most of all, the graciousness of our hosts, Debra and our new Italian friends.

In fact, we all noted how comfortable we were as a woman among women. I thought we’d be a group of birthies since Debra is so well known in the birth world, but no, most of the women were not birth workers. The diversity added a breadth to our circle that I found so enriching for its own design.  

Debra’s guided activities gently led us into the authenticity we all crave in new friendships. 

Here, we safely explored the best in ourselves and one another on whatever we wanted to share. 

Each group of women will weave their own tapestry of topics and moods. 

Debra’s joy and true pleasure in each of our persons quickly establishes a warm interplay between us. 

The warmth of being together merged our circle with the Italian sun overhead. Exotic surroundings, the feeling of adventure, exploration and delight. We were that week the best we could be and integrated a peace, a thrill for life, the highest enjoyment of culture and travel and friendship. 

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