The Minnesota screening of Debra Pascali-Bonaro’s documentary, Orgasmic Birth; The best kept secret, was a delightful success. The Riverview Theater, last Thursday, September 25th, felt between a celebration and a family reunion. So many new families greeting their midwives and doulas with hugs and smiles.

Debra was delighted with the turn out. She said it was the biggest screening of Orgasmic Birth to date! About 500 people were estimated to be present.

Her two other talks, while smaller, were dynamic and far reaching. The Friday morning workshop on local, national and global action in maternity care is still reverberating in my mind.

DVDs can be purchased locally by emailing speebee@gmail. Credit cards are not able to be used right now…and you have to be in the Metro area where you can come pick up the DVD. Otherwise, sale of the Orgasmic Birth DVD is due on Debra’s site on Oct. 15th. We are selling the DVD for $40 as a fund raiser for several local groups.

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