Today, some sweet Labor and Delivery nurses, who may want to keep quiet about their Spinning Babies plans and do will remain anonymous until they say that I can brag about their individual beautifulnesses, talked with me about what activities they could teach and do with a pregnant woman in prenatal testing sessions.

We talked about using the first principle of Spinning Babies at three anatomical levels, above the brim, the midpelvis, and the outlet. We focused on the Rebozo Manteado or “Sifting”, the Abdominal Release (Diaphragmatic Release), and the Forward-leaning Inversion.
Nickie, my devoted Spinning Babies supporter, had to stay home with sick grandkids. So My husband Vic was a willing, if not expressive, model for a pregnant woman for us! What a sweetie!

He may go past his due date, but never his freshness date!

We talked about two activities to help babies into the brim following the Abdominal Release if still necessary. The two activities were the Abdominal Lift and Tuck (aka Belly Lift) and the Trochanter Roll (aka Walcher’s Position). These exercises are illustrated on my website under Techniques.

Our conversation tickled the nurses interest for more information on the three levels (associated with station, they may be categorized as -2 and higher, -1, 0, +1 station, and +1 and lower) and the techniques that may correspond best with each level.

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