A woman pregnant with breech twins emailed saying her physician recommended signing up for surgery. He predicted that they weren’t going to flip head down. Yet, she was less than 32 weeks pregnant!

The direction a twin lies in is determined by the same things that determines a single baby’s direction. Plus one more thing, the other twin.

While they are still little, helping the mother with her soft tissue symmetry can help them both be head down. The ideal time to work on this is before or during the 2nd trimester. Yet, twins still have a good chance of turning head down when they are but 32 weeks.

As the pregnancy passes the 30 week mark, some body work and maternal activities will help reduce any possible twist in the lower uterine segment or pelvic misalignment that might prevent head down positions. See the 3 Principles of Spinning Babies. And, while you are there, read the Pregnant with twins article.

When your uterus is symmetrical the babies can more readily turn head down with gravity.

We all might consider that a doctor who is setting a woman up for a cesarean this early in pregnancy will find other ways to arrange a cesarean after the babies turn head down. Predicting a cesarean two months before the babies are due is more of a sign of our litigation society and the profit motive of hospitals than a reflection of a physician’s intuition or grasp of the nature of birth.

If, at any point, you agree to a scheduled cesarean, then ask if there is any responsible motive to add prematurity to the surgical risks.

A woman would have to stand her ground to have your surgery at full term, 40 weeks or after labor begins.
The March of Dimes is concerned with “late prematurity” and the increase in infant mortality caused by induction or scheduled cesareans that are unintentionally early
This sounds like a strong opinion, but is a summary of the data.
Furthermore, read Dr. Brewer for info on a healthy diet that is wonderful for twin pregnancy.

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