Midwifery Now! is a Minnesota midwifery 501C3 Organization listed in our state’s midwifery statute as the agency responsible for submitting potential members to the Midwifery Advisory Board to the MN Board of Medical Practitioners.

We started MNow! in about 1998 as part of our legislative action. May 5, 1999 the Traditional Midwives bill was passed. The CPM credential is required for licensure in MN as a Traditional Midwife. Certified Nurse Midwives are licensed through the state Nursing Board.

Today we elected board members for the next 4 years. Co-Chairs, Jeanne Bazille, re-elected; Gail Tully; Treasurer, Amy Nyberg; Secretary, Tracy Meiers; Parent Member, Barb Stoss; Members at large, Sylvia Kosloski and Maureen Dahl. Retiring from the board were Kathy Ruggles and Kim Garrett who continue to serve on the sister organization, Minnesota Midwives Guild. Maureen Dahl is liason for MN Council of CPMs (MCCPM) and serves in both groups.

We hope to bring education and vision to parents and maternity care professionals and paraprofessionals through the coming years.

Come visit the blog. Spinning Babies Blog. www.spbmembership.wpengine.com