I’m staying this weekend at the Morning Star Womens’ Health and Birth Center in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Paula Bernini is the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) who nurtures this Victorian era “home” with antiques, birth motif and amazing garden. I don’t know how she does it.

We spent some lovely time together weeding. Sitting for a cup of tea can be relaxing, but I’d rather do something. After the rains, the lamb’s quarters were cropping up around her sitting bench. I asked her not to weed them, that I’d come back outside near supper time and pick a pan full for dinner.

I thought it was about time that I tried eating some lamb’s quarters. I’d heard they were good food for years. So I washed ’em up and fried them in some butter with a bit of sweet red pepper and salt. OMG! Wow!

My blushing apologies to mother nature! I’ve been tossing these beauties out for years. In fact, they don’t even grow in my yard anymore. I could cry. They are so tender and delicious! Tender and sweet, with a bit of an oxalic acid after taste, like spinach. Cooking them with a fresh mushroom to absorb the oxalic acid will cut that after taste away. (But you have to throw away the mushroom because that acid isn’t good for the kidneys.)

I love spending time here at Paula’s Morning Star Bed and Breakfast… I mean, Birth Center. Its a pleasant drive east from the Twin Cities. Close enough that families come from the Cities and even down from Duluth. Though Duluth is a bit of a drive.

Check out Paula’s lovely new website, its inspiring! I looked at it’s design longingly today as I have fussed and fretted over my blunders with my latest update.
Take care, watch the weather and when you’re in Menomonie, stop by.

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