Dr. Michel Odent was interviewed on his view about men in the birthing room. His view is that men should not be present at birth. Read the article.
There has been a lot of buzz in the local emails and I thought I’d share my response.

This freedom from ideological shoulding at birth is what we observe when a woman gets to be intuitive and voice her needs. When she is heard and respected. Its not about who is there, but about how they are in their being there, if you follow.

Hey, maybe what Odent is talking about is should dystocia. There is a need to reflect on how too much mental activity at birth, as in, trying to do everything right, is inhibitive.
(My next book could be called Resolving Should Dystocia. 😉

There is a place for leaders in movements to make strong statements. I think the media makes these strong statements even more ideological than the person sometimes intends. Though, in this case, it seems that Dr. Odent is quite adamant.

Odent is all about deep, hormonal intactness. If he isn’t going to be loyal to that stand, then the point will not be made anywhere. He says similar things about doulas and fetal positioning preparation. He sees the importance of undisturbed birth, even describing Christ’s birth in the manger as an inspiration to avoid the inevitable physiological interference that having helpers would entail. Such helpful interference that drying and warming and bundling incurs to skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding and bonding .

Odent has a beautiful point about undisturbed birth. Lets not lose sight of his gift to us because his warnings are hard to integrate with what is current in birth practices. He is a visionary speaking.

We can bring the message closer to heart and start to remove the obstacles in our own words and actions to physiologic birthing, including our midwife and doula Care that is sometimes an obstacle.

Being in the present (right brain) and away from the should (left brain) during prenatals and labor would be so helpful towards promoting an environment safe for physiological, private and orgasmic birthing. Being in the kitchen might help, too! 🙂

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