March of Dimes: Preterm Birth Rates Improve in Most States

This is one group I have turned around on. We can reduce the prematurity rate.
1. Don’t get induced!
2. Eat well -lots of dark leafy greens and other veggies, a bit of fresh fruit, meat and fish soups with boiled bone broth, a bit of salt (yes), brown rice and avoid the whites, white rice, bread, sugar, and potatoes.
3. Get your Omegas, fish oils, flax, and chia seeds.
4. Good teeth brushing and flossing.
5. Avoid sexually transmitted diseases (like you wouldn’t think of that!) and other infections.
6. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco and marijuana, drugs and over the counter pain killers.
And 7. Be happy and be grateful that your baby WAS born full term, even if the baby hasn’t even been born yet!
(Yes, there is a Stanford study on this.)
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