Better Birth. Lower Cost.
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We’ll be marching to our state Capitol by noon on Monday, March 9th, 2009 with signs and strollers and slings. Several birth, postpartum, and early parenting groups are united for bringing about cost saving legislation that will improve birth outcomes for mothers and babies.
We propose to do this by increasing access to evidence-based (study proven) avenues such as continuous doula care and homebirth midwifery. Increasing access means that when parents pay for insurance that they are actaully able to get their costs covered by their insurance. It also means that since a third of all Minnesota births are paid for by state funds (taxes) that, if elegible parents want a homebirth, they can have their homebirth paid for just as they would have their hospital birth paid for. Discrimination between providers must end. The quality of our births and lives depend on equal access to appropriate birth care.

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