How high the couch? Inverting safely

Anisa asked, “Can anyone guide me about Forward-leaning inversion? What should be the height of the couch from which we are going to lean downwards.”

The answer is within…
Or, rather on you? It’s the height of your knee. Since women come in different heights, I’d suggest you see if your couch or bed is about the level of your knee.

The height of the couch approximately matches the height of the knee of the person who will invert.

A couch slightly higher than the knee is fine for a fit mother.
A lower surface may be better for someone with weak shoulders or more weight than average.

The steps to the forward-leaning inversion are at Spinning Babies website.
Don’t invert if you have high blood pressure or other risks of stroke.

Tuck the chin and don’t lean on your head.
This helps the connective tissue have room to “unwind”.

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