Here are a couple cool articles about this “natural birth trend” and they are about friends of mine.
Our local Paula Bernini Fiegal’s Birth Center was in the news again with luscious photos of her St. Louis Park mama’s at her new Birth Center on Excelsior Blvd. Read the Star and Trib article.

And Orgasmic Birth Website posted a Hudson Reporter newspaper story about a New Jersey family who birthed at home with two midwife friends of mine after being inspired by Orgasmic Birth and Business of Being Born.
We found in Minneapolis as well that watching the dynamic duo of natural birth videos, Business of Being Born, first, which raises the issues of birth location and providers, and then watching Orgasmic Birth, second, which shows why the uninterrupted physiological process of birth holds the most potential for an ecstatic or orgasmic birth experience. Orgasmic Birth is coming out as a book this June as a companion for the fantastic DVD.

The Seventh Moon Homebirth Midwifery service is Vicki Hedley and Sabine Kennon, Certified Professional Midwives. I got to ride up to Ottawa last fall with these ladies, and we picked up a fourth midwife in Montreal, all the while Vicki saying she wouldn’t make it through a surprise breech birth. Well recently Vicki arrived at a fast moving surprise breech birth. The baby boy did great. And more surprisingly (to herself at least), Vicki did great, too, staying very calm throughout.

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