There is much for a birth worker (doula, nurse, midwife, family medicine or obstetrician)
to learn at Spinning Babies. There is often a transitionary phase between workshop and confidence. 
Observe the mother with your new paradigm and listen to intuitive guidance. From this gentle approach you begin introducing comfort measures and balancing activities appropriate to  nurture a calm inner focus of the late pregnancy hormonal state.
The new Baby Spinner will begin to notice that pain is not something pregnant women have to accept as a normal part of pregnancy. You have seen in class that something can be done. 
Pain that is not associated with the muscle and joint movement of a normal progressing labor may be a sign of imbalance. In any case, lengthening and softening core muscles gives room for baby.
Look for ways to find balance in pregnancy first, and labor when its happening. 
What activities add balance? 
Are the 3 Sisters appropriate? The standing sacral release?
You will grow in confidence as you try your ideas in gentle ways to nurture your women.  
As you listen, you will be led. 
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