Duluth’s Northland Birth Network presented an amazing trio of BOLD performances this past weekend. Actually, four performances; the first was a private showing for medical professionals. How brilliant is that?

Birth on Labor Day (BOLD) has been a September statement for several years. Playright Karen Brody wrote the dynamic dialogue after interviewing 100 women about their birth experiences.

And after each performance, a panel of local parenting and birth professionals were available to take audience questions. Spinning Babies (lil old me) was there on the Sunday afternoon panel, after a short recovery from the Orgasmic Birth events. It was fun to hear the Duluth moms talk together in surprised voices, noting that “Spinning Babies” was right here in Minnesota! 🙂

Debra McLaughlin, Caralee (sorry I don’t have Caralee’s last name right now) and an energetic cast brought the social issues of American childbirth to light, spot light, that is. BOLD will be an annual Duluth event. Other birth activists hope to present BOLD in the Twin Cities next year, as well.

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