Do’s and Don’ts of Brand Usage


This summarizes the guidelines for the proper use of Spinning Babies® intellectual property by Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators (SpBCPE)

All SpBCPEs must follow these guidelines when using Spinning Babies® intellectual property and brand assets in your business.

Non-SpBCPEs, spin-off businesses, software application developers, third-party partners, and others may not use any of our intellectual property without the express permission of Spinning Babies®.

Pure implementation of Spinning Babies®, meaning:

Guiding pregnant people through the Spinning Babies® Birth Preparation Class

Teaching all of the tools, without:

  • Adding in content of your own or from some other system and calling it Spinning Babies®
  • Removing any pieces of the curriculum or steps in the process
  • Adding in curriculum that is not part of the Birth Preparation Class as defined in the training materials

Honor our IP/Branding Guidelines

No one may translate the material without the express permission in writing from Spinning Babies®.

If given a contract for permission to translate materials, Spinning Babies® must approve of all final translations and materials, and will own all rights to the translated materials.



DO use only approved logo files

DO use a full color version of the logo whenever possible

DO place the Spinning Babies® logo in a secondary position to your own brand or logo  when creating materials

DON’T recolor or alter approved logo files

DON’T use the logo in your website favicon, company logo, or social media profile

DON’T position the logo on materials in a manner that implies that it is an official Spinning Babies® document or tool



Only Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators are permitted to use these logos. If you cancel your certification status, or if you use the logo in a way that Spinning Babies® deems to be inappropriate or damaging to the brand, your right to use the Spinning Babies® logo will be terminated.


Logo Usage – Promotional Items and Office Decor

Only Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators may use the approved Spinning Babies® logos on promotional items such as journals, pens, mugs, etc. Certified Parent Educators may also integrate approved Spinning Babies® logos into your session room or office decor to indicate your affiliation with Spinning Babies®.

Please observe the following practices when using the Spinning Babies® logos on promotional items:

  • Make clear that your relationship with Spinning Babies® is as a Certified Parent Educator by using the title “Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator”.
  • Be sure the items you are branding are high-quality, tasteful items that will not detract from the Spinning Babies® brand and reputation.
  • Do not change the aspect ratio of the logos.
  • Wherever possible, use the color logo with the exact colors specified below.
  • If the material or color you are printing on is not suitable for the color logo, you may emboss or etch the logo on a material such as leather or glass, or print the entire logo in white. Do not use any other color. For these situations, please contact Spinning Babies® to obtain the appropriate image file.
  • When incorporating the Spinning Babies® Logo into your office or session room decor, be sure to position your own company brand in the primary position, and use the Spinning Babies® Logo to complement your own brand. You may not imply or give the impression that you are a Spinning Babies® office or location.

When in doubt, ask Spinning Babies® for approval before investing in promotional items or office decor. 

Establishing Your Brand

Differentiating Yourself and Your Brand from Spinning Babies®

It is expected that Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators will invest in building their own brand and identity in their market.

Establish your own brand

Feature yourself front and center on your homepage. Include your bio and headshot, and clearly introduce yourself as an experienced Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator.

Keep it simple

Forget marketing trinkets and gimmicks. Focus on mastering, teaching, and implementing Spinning Babies® purely and great things will follow.

Follow the guidelines

Be sure that all of your digital and printed content adheres to the guidelines outlined here. When in doubt, contact us!

Use your designation

When you meet the necessary requirements, you may use the designation of Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, subject to our approval and your continued compliance with the requirements.

Accurately represent your relationship 

You may not imply that you are an employee, owner, or partner at Spinning Babies®. Do not imply that you are the creator of any Spinning Babies® content.

Be humbly confident

 While showcasing your expertise, you may not use language that elevates yourself above other SpBCPEs. For example, do not use phrases like “The #1 Spinning Babies® Parent Educator in Ohio” or “The Best Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator in Europe”.

Avoid non-Spinning Babies® designations 

Don’t call yourself a trainer, teacher, instructor, etc – only a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator.

Use of Spinning Babies® Logos and Trademarks in Your Brand

Be sure that all of your digital and printed content adheres to the guidelines outlined on this site. When in doubt, contact us! 

Naming/branding your business

You may not use the registered term Spinning Babies® or any other registered/unregistered trademarks (with or without geographical descriptors) in your business name, tagline, website domain (URL), email address, logo, phone number, favicon, social media profile pictures, username, or group name.

Your logo 

All SpBCPEs must have an individual brand identity. You may not use the Spinning Babies® logo as part of your own business logo.

Business Cards

 Certified Parent Educators may include the approved Spinning Babies® logo on business cards, but your own company logo should be the most prominent logo on the card. Include your business name on your card, and do not position the Spinning Babies® logo in a way that implies that you are a Spinning Babies® employee.

Your Online Presence

Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators should use design elements and content that help to establish their own individual brand without compromising or lifting elements from the Spinning Babies® brand. 

Distinguish your brand

DO use original designs, colors, fonts, imagery, and copy to visually distinguish your brand from Spinning Babies®.

Accurately represent your relationship

DO make it clear that you’re a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator — not the founder, creator, or the organization itself.

Feature yourself

DO clearly highlight your personal brand and designation, and include a picture of yourself.

Don’t directly copy from Spinning Babies® material, including, but not limited to:the design, imagery, or verbiage from the Spinning Babies® website

Don’t use Spinning Babies® Logos in your profile

DON’T use any Spinning Babies® logo or image when branding your social media profile.

Don’t use Spinning Babies®testimonials

DON’T use the testimonials from the Spinning Babies® website to imply that those clients are endorsing you or your work.

Don’t use Spinning Babies® materials

DON’T record yourself teaching materials in audio, video or written format.

Conference & Event Marketing Guidelines for Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators

Here are clear guidelines of how to present yourself and your business when sponsoring conferences and events for business development.

It’s all about you! Think:  My Brand- My Voice- My Experience-MyExpertise.

Be clear in your sponsorship that you are representing yourself and that your logo, website, colors, business name, tagline and Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator status are most prominent.

You can use the Spinning Babies® logo on materials if you are a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator and only in a secondary position to show affiliation to Spinning Babies®.

Promotional items at events should only feature your own branding.

Promote your experience to illustrate your expertise to the target audience; Client quotes, number of years as an SpBCPE or featured niche.

You may hand out copies of Spinning Babies® videos and books to educate people about Spinning Babies®.

Before designing any banner, sponsorship ad, handout, or booth space, refer to Spinning Babies® trademark terms as detailed in the Branding Guidelines.

When in doubt, contact us! 

Abundance Mindset

Pregnant people may communicate with or do consultations with more than one SpBCPE before choosing one to work with. When this happens, do the following:

  • Encourage the prospect to pick the person they feel will work best with them, without saying anything that would cast a negative shadow on your fellow Parent Educators
  • Deliver the purest class you can
  • Communicate proactively with other parent educators who the client may be considering so we all operate at an open, honest, professional level, helping to eliminate confusion and surprises
  • Keep it real, simple, and results-oriented
  • Don’t research, negatively comment on, or disparage the competition

Such behavior is an important part of your identity and brand. Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators who don’t collaborate well or exhibit the Spinning Babies® core values will lose their designation and the privilege of being listed on the Spinning Babies®website.