You can aid your chance of a vaginal birth by activities before and during childbirth to make room for your baby. Easier birth for babies means easier birth for mothers.

I ask women making decisions about their pregnancy and birth a question to help them know their own minds.

“If you imagine yourself a year from now, looking back at your birth, what will you feel about the the decision.

“Will you feel you did what satisfies you that you did the best of your ability to live the way you believe?”


Your ability might be expressed in one or more of these ways,

Your ability to communicate your desires to your partner, family, and medical support.

You said the words that would let your birth team know your preferences

You took a reasonable amount of action that would bring about health, flexibility and birth the way you see fit.

You said no to things that made you uncomfortable that they might betray your ethics or better sense, that reduce your vitality or self-connection.

You said yes to people and things that seem likely to help you, even if they are unusual – unusual but not wrong, against nature, against common sense, or in denial of a health risk that may reasonably need medical assistance.

You made changes to obtain the opportunities where you could express your best birth.

Now you are ready to make a decision. You will not be a victim but a creator of your future.


Decision Time
Whatever you decide, whatever course you choose, the most important thing is love.