Many visitors to Spinning Babies Website are looking for effective help for an easier birth.

We suggest using Spinning Babies Daily Activities as a part of preparation for birth.
Daily movement and maternal positioning can be added to a great pregnancy diet, deep and full breathing, learning about birth and parenting, enjoying good communication and visits with your provider. Monitoring blood pressure and blood sugars and other health indicators are important but self care is the care you give yourself and your baby. Monitoring for disease can’t create the health you want. Here are some ideas to boost your benefit in pregnancy.

  • Community involvement in a pregnancy and/or parenting group preserves sanity, soothes loneliness, and boosts health! 
  • Studies show a doula offers multiple health benefits even though they don’t give medical advice. This is the magic of social support. Get a doula, you’ll only know why you needed one after you find the doula who is your best match. 
  • Exercise in a group. Create a pregnancy walking meetup up to 3 times a week!

But once you are active, supple and supported, you still need to communicate your
desires, needs, and limits with your care provider.

Sometimes pregnant parents worry that their requests for individualized care, or resistance to procedures will be seen as confrontation by the providers.

Pick a provider who isn’t emotionally threatened by parents who have personal needs… uh, oh right, which parents don’t?

  • Then be sure to voice your needs, desires, and fears. 
  • Being personal and open yourself, without bailing at their first hesitation, is a good way to communicate with care providers. Look them in the eye expecting mutual respect.
  • Write your list in positive terms that providers and hospital staff can “do” or respond to. People in helping professions want to help. Show them how they can help you have a better birth experience. 

A healthy pregnancy and healthy baby are mostly due to self care of a healthy pregnant person. When health is a challenge, these suggestions are only more important, though they become more challenging to achieve in some cases.

More ideas

  • Join a pregnancy and parenting community, such as attachment parenting, early childhood education groups, and prenatal and parent/baby yoga classes.
  • Bring your partner to a parenting group of their interest. 
  • Learn about infant CPR and life support, home safety tips for babies and
  • How to wear your baby! Yep, the best “jewelry” you’ll ever wear! Put that little jewel in a rebozo, sling, or front pack during the early months and on your back when baby is too heavy for your front (unless you know how to wear baby in a cloth sling on your back earlier).
  • Learn lullaby songs, finger play, and stories that will delight your baby and reduce your stress when baby needs connection with you and you need some baby entertainment. Learn them now. 

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