Each Certified Parent Educator (provisional and fully certified) agrees to represent Spinning Babies® by adhering to the following:

  1.  Teaching parents with the most current materials available through Spinning Babies®
  2.  Teaching only Spinning Babies approved material in the Spinning Babies® Parent Class
  3.  Submitting the email and name of each of your students* through provided online link. This will send them access to up-to-date Parent Class materials.
  4. Teaching within the limits of the scope of your professional practice.
  5. Comply with the legal and ethical standards, values and professional principles set forth by Spinning Babies as you signed.

*Note:  A transactional email gives students continued access to all Parent Class educational materials, including their eBook. Please describe in your registration form that student contact information is shared with Spinning Babies only to access educational materials. Your students will not be added to our email list.

Steps to be certified as a Spinning Babies® Parent Educator:

  1.   Complete the Spinning Babies® Workshop prerequisite.
  2.   Sign the contract, standards of practice and code of ethics agreement.
  3.   Complete viewing verification for the Spinning Babies® Parent Class video.
  4.   Take the in-person Spinning Babies® Parent Education Training in its entirety.
  5.   Submit evaluation of in-person training.
  6.   Submit email and name of each of your students in provided online form (see above).
  7.   Submit evaluations from your first 3 classes/one-on-one classes within 2 years of training. You can do this through a Google form or by scanning and emailing student evals.
    1. Google Form: You will receive a link to this form in your provisional certification email after submitting your evaluation of the training (#5). This is done automatically for you and shared only with you, your trainers and the office. To do the Google form option, simply copy and paste the link correctly in a student email.
  1.   Apply for certification through the link in your provisional certification welcome email.

Parent Class Materials Module is for all of your students and includes:

  • Spinning Babies® Parent Class Companion eBook – viewable online
  • All parent handouts – viewable online and downloadable

Official Certification Materials

Upon acceptance of your application for certification you will have access to Module 3; Certified:

  • A SpBCPE logo image for use in/on your website and class sign-in
  • Pre-designed digital Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Badge

Benefits of certification with Spinning Babies®

  • The cost of the first year of listing on Spinning Babies® Website is included
  • Identity with Spinning Babies® brand
  • A SpBCPE logo badge for use in/on your website and class sign-in,


More benefits:

  • 30% Affiliate commissions on all online sales. Once you receive your login credentials for the Affiliate portal via email, you can access your links and earnings reports at www.affiliatespinningbabies.com
    • Note: *Your students, during your provisional period, who have not already purchased our products, will be flagged as your customer when you submit their name and email to give them access to the Parent Class Materials Module. You will receive 30% commission from these students.
    • After certification, you will receive more affiliate image links for 30% commission when your student and other referral customers click through your link to buy their first product from www.SpinningBabies.com Commission continues each time that person buys a product as long as you are certified.
  • Access to Community page on Facebook. (Use your Facebook email please!)
  • Professional listing as a Certified Parent Educators at SpinningBabies.com
  • Online communication with Spinning Babies mentors and staff

Annual Renewal

Each year you have an opportunity to renew your license agreement with Spinning Babies. We keep this step simple by having an automated process.

The annual renewal fee is $195 

Your payment information will be securely collected, along with the other information for your SpBCPE listing. You will not be charged for the first year of certification. Your credit card will be charged the annually fee automatically on the anniversary of when you submitted your certification application. You can update your credit card information using this link: 
https://spinningbabies.securechkout.com/updateinfo. Please use the same email address that you used to apply for your listing.

After we have received your annual renewal payment you will have continued access to:

  • Your students access to the Parent Class Materials Module
  • Current teaching material
  • Current Spinning Babies slideshow
  • Any new material added to the Spinning Babies® Parent Class curriculum
  • Listing as a SpBCPE on the Spinning Babies membership site
  • A  SpBCPE logo for promotional use
  • Continuing office and community support
  • 30% Affiliate commissions
  • Continued right to teach the Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Continuing to Learn

Join Your Spinning Babies® Community on Zoom Meetings

You are invited to any or all of the Zoom meetings.

Dates and links for our online Parent Educator support meetings will be emailed to you. We use the email address you used for registration.

Your invitation to join a Zoom doesn’t require a reservation. Just come join us! Open a browser window. Copy and paste the zoom url we send you into the url address bar.

Follow the directions to download, install and use Zoom. https://zoom.us/

Facebook Group for Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators

Use the private Facebook group for Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators to communicate with other Certified Parent Educators and your mentors. Ask questions, make suggestions, discuss variations and talk about parent commentary on slides and the class in general.

Recertification: Every three years you will go through an online recertification process which will be easily accessed online through www.Community.SpinningBabies.com

There will be a fee for recertification.  The recertification process includes updates in pertinent childbirth education literature, as well as updates in Spinning Babies and SpBCPE.

Repeating the Training

You may take the workshop again at any time to strengthen your skills. It is not possible to apply for a discount or assistant teaching position.

You may be asked to repeat the training for certification purposes if agents of Spinning Babies deem it important to approve your certification, renewal or recertification process. Fees apply.


Should you choose to not recertify, you will no longer be able to use any Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators component including the name or variation of the name “Spinning Babies®”, teaching materials or logo. The “continuing obligations” of the previously signed contract will be in effect.

Spinning Babies® reserves the right to not renew a certification status if classes are found not to meet the standards of Spinning Babies®.