Newspapers love to publish car birth stories and the latest in the stream is a breech birth in England. The local hospital closed to births so the parents had drive to a hospital a little farther than labor had time for. A healthy 7 1/2 pound girl was born while the father drove on.
The cute baby has the classic breech forehead shape showing us that she likely was breech for a while as her head shaped to the inside curve of the upper uterine wall (fundus).

Either breech isn’t such a drama there, or no one knew, at least foreknowledge wasn’t mentioned in the news story. And this mother knew to keep herself calm,

“It was fortunate because when I realised what was happening, the things I learnt in my yoga classes such as how to control my breathing focused my mind and stopped me from panicking.

(Spelling from the Petersberg Post article on the same birth.)

Articles like these might give people the idea that breech birth isn’t so damaging after all.

Let’s see if baby Eliza’s birth fit the protocols, fast birth? Yep, water broke on the road.
Mother upright? Well, she was in the front seat, so we can assume either sitting or kneeling backwards.
Hands off the breech? Yep, Dad’s hands were on the driving wheel. Mom clutching the car door as Dad swerved through winding country roads.
Baby the right size for mom? Yep, everything was just perfect!

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