The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecology Canadian has switched to supporting vaginal breech birth. The next step for Canada is to train their doctors to catch babies who come butt or feet first. Read Carla Wintersgill’s article

“C-section not best option for breech birth

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada will launch program to teach physicians breech vaginal delivery”

at Globe Life/Health

This decision comes after research analysis refutes the “Term Breech Trial.” Canada listens to the statistics.
America? You on? Well, parents will have to make American physicians pay attention.

What’s even more fun than this wonderful news? That the guidelines were released the same day I get to be present at a hospital breech birth! As the photographer for this lovely family I got a moment to check my emails and read of the guidelines.
My midwife partner is the doula. When the parents found out their baby was breech, and remained so after three manual versions, they opted to change care providers – and states – to labor for a vaginal breech birth. At this moment, the mom is 8+ cm and is relaxing in the bath.

There are physicians here and there that have breech skills (actually, Dr. Dennis Hartung is right here!). Dr. Hartung is squatting on the floor listening through the crack in the bathroom door to the mother breathing through her labor. He is waiting for the catch in the breath that signals the urge to push. The lights are low…

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