Responsible parenting, responsible child bearing, yes. But the the timing of taking responsibility is of crucial importance. What is our response-ability to our reproduction? Proactive or reactive? Health promotion or scramble to return to the male-model of normalcy (which, in this case, is not to be carrying an embryo).

Where is the discussion about holistic approaches to conception and preventing conception?

British parliment leader Jonathan Porritt blames parents of more than two children as irresponsible. He says aborting millions a year (and generally then burning with the trash) will prevent green house gases. This is a bit of a stretch.

To twist a phrase of Popeye’s,

Violence is wrong even when it helps ya.

Lets come up with a solution that works, starting with empowering young women around the issue of sexual vulnerability and women in their late teens and 20s in how to determine who really is a good mate for them before conception changes how likely a father that a sexual partner is perceived.

Additionally, we could green -up birth quite a bit with washable, reusable absorbant pads, less garbage due to fewer interventions, and home births.

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