Ahh, darn. I found both a mistake and an awkwardness in the center of my new Belly Mapping Workbook.
The mistake is in the circle depicting what should be the map of a Left Occiput Posterior baby but has an older map in that placement of an oblique lie (a baby lying diagonally in the womb). The words “bulge in hip” in that circle should be omitted and the word “wiggles” should be in their place, centered, above the symphysis pubis.

The awkward page is right across on the page to the left of the transparency. The words describing what is seen when the transparency is set over that page are on the opposite sides of the circle than they should be. Its not wrong information, its just put in the wrong place and someone could be confused unless they were astute to see that the placement of the text isn’t the best.

I’ll release a pdf page with the correction. It can be pasted over the page in the book with thin glue or contact cement. More soon.

Meanwhile, the praise for the book is blooming like our Spring here in Minnesota! People are loving it.
Read about the book, read quotes and see how to purchase one or even bulk copies.

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