Women have contacted me lately with some frustrations doing Belly Mapping. (See Michelle’s comment to the previous post.) I haven’t been hearing the details of what the problem is, but it sounds like there is some confusion. I’d like to address that today.

Belly Mapping becomes easier the later in pregnancy the mother attempts it.
Here’s a mom beginning her third trimester.
She lies down to relax her abdominal muscles.
She is exploring, deeply, what is in the lower part of her uterus. She is glad to find the round head. She has to reach deeply.

Think about what you find in the top of the uterus, and what are on each side and whether the lumps are different on either side.

Then take a doll and match the head. If the head is presenting, or leading the way out of the womb, then put the doll’s head there.

Put the doll’s back where the largest firmness is, the solid back.
Put the doll’s feet where the most kicks are being felt.

Fine tuning comes with practice.

Try this and see if it makes more sense!

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