Dr. Brad Bootstaylor of SeeBaby.org in Atlanta, GA is someone I highly admire. He is a leader in the Atlanta birth movement. I’ve been to his office, he blew my mind.    He  was unethically restricted from providing care to birthing women having natural childbirth for their breech babies.

“Dr. B” has the skills, he has the intent, and the community of birthing families choose him. This is reason enough for the medical policy makers to shut him down.
This means that yet another bearer of the treasury of birth skills has been denied his God-given and self-determined path to the skills necessary for the preservation of the Human Right of birth for those coming bottom first. Here is the notice:

To our amazement and disappointment, See Baby Midwifery was advised by DeKalb Medical on 8/17/16 (yesterday) that we can no longer support birth options for mothers to include VBAC, water birth and vaginal breech deliveries.
This sudden and unexpected lack of support brings great concern to us and our community.
Temporarily, all VBAC eligible patients will be birthing at Emory Midtown with Brad Bootstaylor, MD.


Hospitals around the nation short-sightedly make the same Human Rights violation. In my area, Dr. Denny Hartung was blocked and in Los Angles, Dr. Ronald Wu faces the same.

September 7th there will be a Demonstration on Wednesday, Sept. 7th at 11 am, at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. 

The FaceBook event page says,
Last week, Glendale Adventist Medical Center created a policy outright banning vaginal breech birth…

GAMC is fortunate to have one of the most skilled breech practitioners in the country. Dr. Wu is an honored physician who has assisted women with vaginal breech birth for more than 40 years. And while this policy appears to affect the entire obstetric department, the reality is, it’s directed at this one specific provider, making it seem punitive and unnecessary.

We are concerned that this change seems to be motivated by political and perceived financial concerns instead of what is in the best interest of mothers and babies.

This is a policy that forces women into cesarean sections without respect to patient autonomy in decision-making and their legal right to informed consent and refusal.

We believe there is much evidence to support VBB that was not considered by those involved in this decision. Basing a policy on flawed information and perceived but not actual liability is an erroneous precedent.

A couple of people have spoken to the hospitals CEO about this matter without resolve. ImprovingBirth, in collaboration with a group of Los Angeles area providers and a couple of their celebrity clients have sent a letter to their board of directors requesting a meeting which we are less than confident will actually happen.

We will rally to bring awareness to this unethical policy and we hope you will join us.

Next blog post, I’ll introduce the new US Breech Expert carrying this responsibility denied to Dr.s Wu and Bootstaylor. 

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