Asynclitism is when baby’s head is tipped as if listening. This is an issue in the midpelvis, after engagement. Often, the baby’s head is angled so that more of the head is trying to get through at one time. Also baby’s neck is not aligned with the uterine contraction. It seems that baby’s head is too big to fit lower. That is, baby may be at the wrong angle to fit through a narrow midpelvis.
Posterior and asynclitic may be an issue at the inlet but I think this is more about a lack for flexion and the posterior angle crossing over the edge of the front of the pelvis. Rotation solves that issue, whereas making room in the midpelvis and trying to align baby seem to help in the following case.
The first Spinning Babies presentation in Brazil on 2 June 2015.
Which one of these midwives and obstetricians helped a colleague avoid a cesarean before the class was even over?

At the Sia Parto Simposio in Brazil this week, Ana Paula tells how a midwife at my first class saw how to help an asynclistic labor continue more easily and quickly called her obstetric colleague at the hospital. The obstetrician was patiently waiting while the mother was 7 cm for 5 hours without progress. My participant texted instructions and showed images the techniques (see them at 
Hear what happened!
Enjoy this testimony in a quiet listening place. We recorded this in busy “lobby” of the Sia Parto Symposium in São Paulo. 

You can see these techniques in the Spinning Babies Parent Class. And you can read what to do for an Asynclitic baby at
These Birth Care Providers take a stand for Better Birth in Brazil!
The second presentation… Will another woman in a long labor be helped from this group??  😀
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