She wrote:
i just found out at my 35 week appt, my baby has its head at my right hip, and back down at my left hip.
i am a firm believer that God can do anything, and I have been praying, but i am scared to death to have a c-section, but that is all i think about. i am trying really hard to be positive, and do my exercises, and go to my chiropractor to get the webster technique done, but i guess
i need to know that it is posible for the baby to turn.
my dr made the comment that this is the worst transverse position, because the baby has to go backwards to get into position..any help would be appreciated !!! thanks

I wrote:
This is exactly, exactly the case of Emily last week! Her movie and story are on my blog.
[Feb. 9, 2007, How to do an inversion]

When you are done watching the video and reading the previous two posts go back to the regular Spinning Babies Site and search “transverse lie” using the quotation marks and then read each thing that comes up. It worked for Emily; it might workfor you.

Emily’s baby was in the same position, back down and her baby slipped right down after 2-3 inversions, the Webster technique (different link here) and a prayer group praying for her. 🙂
Let me know!

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