Hi, Spinning Babies,
   I am 39 week pregnant and been reading and doing Spinning Babies exercises on and off since 30 weeks as baby been on Right Occiput Lateral (Right Occiput Transverse in US) and Right Occiput Posterior for all pregnancy. I had him go transverse for a week and back down again. 2nd baby. I can’t find links to the positions to do in labour since the site has changed and my partner has just taken some time off work to get up to speed with what he needs to be telling me and helping me with in labour, as was clueless last time! Was wondering if you could send a link?
    Thank you!
    -N____ in the United Kingdom

Dear N,
Here’s a few direct links which will hopefully lead you to what you’re looking for:
For a list of techniques (you can click on them to go to individual pages with descriptions) you can see the lists here and here.
I hope that helps! If there’s anything else you’re looking for specifically, please don’t hesitate to write. 
Thank you!
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